1. Masks don’t protect you:  Cloth masks acts as a physical barrier to keep large droplets from spewing in the air where someone could breathe them in and become effective. It’s the number 1 tool to combat COVID-19.   This protects others
  2. If I’m not sick I don’t need to wear a mask:  You could be asymptomatic and not know it.  Better safe than sorry. If everyone does their part, This also protects you.
  3. I social distance I don’t need to wear a mask:  Brakes on cars work, but brakes combined with seatbelts work better. Wearing masks AND social distancing allows you to enjoy daily activities with the safest measures possible.
  4. I can’t breathe with a mask on: Health experts from throughout the Health Collaborative network confirm, you CAN NOT rebreathe carbon dioxide you’ve exhaled wearing a mask, it does NOT constrict breathing….
  5. My face covering is over my mouth, that’s good enough: No it’s not. It MUST cover your mouth AND nose to be safe.